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What are the collateral consequences of criminal charges?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Understandably, interacting with the police can make nearly anyone feel confused or afraid. If things don’t go well, these conversations could lead you to face fines or jail time. However, interactions with the police can lead to life-long effects for Mississippi residents even if they aren’t charged with a crime. Many experts call these negative repercussions collateral consequences.

Career-related problems

It’s difficult to get far in life without a way to earn a living. People convicted of criminal charges can find employment throughout their time after incarceration. However, that doesn’t solve the growing problem of companies screening out quality candidates solely because of a criminal history. This situation can also harm someone’s ability to qualify for roles requiring more education than they can achieve.


The consequences of committing crimes can be even more severe for U.S. immigrants. These situations can lead to immigrants losing their ability to become U.S. citizens. Criminal charges can also cause these people to face deportation. Immigrants may also find themselves suddenly thrust into preparing a criminal defense in a country they’re unfamiliar with.

Losing access to higher education

Collateral consequences can also negatively affect someone’s ability to begin or continue pursuing higher education. Nearly 70% of four-year colleges throughout the United States require criminal history disclosures from applicants. Fortunately, some states are eliminating these disclosure requirements.

Regardless of the charges people formerly or currently face, having a criminal history can follow someone their entire lives. While some lawmakers are working to improve matters for ex-convicts, many feel it could take a lot of time and work for these measures to take effect.