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About Our Attorney And Law Practice

When you turn to T. Michael Reed, P.A., you can count on working closely with attorney Michael T. Reed through all the stages of your case. For a brief summary of our attorney’s background and experience, follow this link:

T. Michael Reed

Throughout more than 20 years of experience, he has been a prosecutor, public defender and school board attorney in addition to founding and managing this private law practice. He is professionally active and respected in the legal profession. Most of all, he is dedicated to achieving outstanding results for clients of the firm.

Dedicated To Solving Your Problems

When you face serious legal challenges and attorney T. Michael Reed represents you, he will not rest until he has done all that he can to achieve the results that you seek. Legal staff may facilitate communication and experts may contribute to your case, but the most critical tasks will always belong to Mr. Reed, namely:

  • Investigating the facts behind your arrest or accidental injury
  • Preparing an effective defense in the face of criminal charges or determining whose negligence caused a motor vehicle accident or an injury occurring offshore or at sea
  • Devising the most effective approach to protect your rights or recover maximum compensation after you have been injured
  • Representing you vigorously before relevant decision-makers, such as a prosecutor, claims adjuster, judge and/or jury

For an overview of our practice areas, look over other pages of this website. To schedule a consultation, call or email us through this website.

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Many people acknowledge T. Michael Reed as one of the most experienced trial attorneys in Mississippi. As a skilled litigator handling both criminal defense and personal injury law, he brings a wealth of experience to every client and every legal matter.

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