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Don’t do these things after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Personal Injury

If you’ve ever experienced a car crash, you know how overwhelming it is. You might think you’ll know what to do beforehand, but in the heat of the moment, it can all fly out of your head. Here’s what not to do if you’re in an accident in Mississippi.

Physical injuries

Never downplay how badly you may be injured. You might not notice how extensively you’ve been hurt until you’ve made your situation far worse. Take your time and wait for the EMTs if they’ve been called.

Don’t try to move around more than necessary. As long as you or anyone else isn’t in immediate danger of being hit by oncoming traffic, it’s best to wait.

In the days and weeks after most motor vehicle accidents, one might think it’s expected that you’ll feel sore and tender with a limited range of motion. But these symptoms might indicate a sprain, strain or some other form of soft tissue damage. While with more minor injuries, the body can repair itself with time and rest, that’s not always the case with the types of injuries that may result from a car crash.

Evidence and insurance companies

After the accident, do not admit fault to anyone. There’s bound to be a myriad of individuals you’ll come into contact with after the accident, and it’s all too easy to share too much with someone.

It’s easy to want to take the blame for something because it seems polite, to avoid conflict or to give someone else the benefit of the doubt. You want to make sure to avoid this impulse if you want to have hopes for fair compensation.

Don’t overshare with the insurance company. Anything that could lay the blame on yourself bodes poorly for your claim. Beyond the specifics that your provider needs, you can keep the rest to yourself.

Make sure to call the police, collect as much evidence as possible and stay off social media. You should be wary of anything your insurance provider gives you to sign, and never rush into a settlement.

Your actions in the aftermath of the accident are critical if you hope to be fairly compensated and recover fully from your injuries. And it’s just as important to know the things you shouldn’t do after a collision so you don’t make a bad situation even worse.