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How car color affects car accident risk

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Personal Injury

Usually, when people think of factors leading to accidents on Mississippi roads, reckless or aggressive driving is the first thing to come to mind. However, many things can increase one’s risk of a car accident. Surprisingly, car color can impact your chances of a crash.

Reasons for specific colors having higher accident risks

Red cars are often stereotyped as carrying a higher accident and personal injury risk because they’re associated with sports cars and speeding. However, while any color vehicle can get into a crash when the driver is aggressive, reckless or intoxicated, red cars are not considered excessively dangerous. There are different reasons for certain colors carrying a higher risk. For example, black vehicles are more likely to get into accidents because they are more difficult to see than lighter colors like white or bright colors like red and light or medium blue.

As a general rule, the darker the vehicle, the higher its accident risk. Black cars have a 12% higher chance of getting into a collision than white. Gray is similar as it has an 11% greater crash risk than white vehicles. Silver carries a 10% greater risk for car accidents than white cars.

Safer car colors

It’s normal to prioritize color when shopping for a new set of wheels. Although you might lean toward a particular color, knowing which are considered the safest is helpful. White tops the list because it’s the easiest to see, followed by beige, gold, cream and yellow. These colors can keep occupants safer as they don’t easily blend in with the background.

However, color should not be the biggest factor in vehicle shopping. Checking the car’s safety features and overall reputation in terms of how it runs is crucial. Thoroughly do your homework before settling on your next car.