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What kind of injuries might I suffer from an airbag?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Personal Injury

In Mississippi, airbag deployment during an accident has the potential to save your life, but some drivers understand that a bag inflating within a second could cause injuries. Injuries can be from bracing the arms, wearing sunglasses or prescription glasses and driving with something in your mouth.

Common injuries from airbags

Airbag deployment causes some common injuries from the fast and abrasive nature of the airbag itself. Airbags are in multiple positions around doors, driver and passenger front airbags and side and screen type airbags in the backseat which could lead to multiple airbag-related injuries from different directions. More injuries happen because of objects interfering with the airbag deployment, such as bags and decorations in front of the airbag storage area.

The face and chest are two commonly injured areas when a front airbag deploys. At the time of impact, the airbag stops the driver or passenger from reaching the steering column or windshield. The accompanying force can create bruising, abrasion or even fracture the nose, eye socket or jaw. Concussions are common due to the force of the accident and the resistance from the airbag. When the chest is included in the airbag’s path, there is a chance that there could be injuries to the breast bone, ribs, or shoulders. Resistance applied by the seatbelt will cause bruising across the chest and lower abdomen.

Airbag injury prevention

To prevent a personal injury created by airbag deployment, it is necessary to understand the process and use precautions to reduce the number of injuries. First, remember that vehicles have sensors that determine when to deploy the airbag according to the force of the accident. Second, remember that you are not safe placing decorations, decals, or seat covers over areas marked as airbags. Lastly, to prevent excessive force on your body from the front airbag, remember to adjust the chair to sit as close to the rear of the vehicle as your legs will reach. This simple move of inches reduces the time it takes for the airbag to reach your body, reducing the force applied.

When there is an auto accident and the airbag deploys, individuals become grateful for the safety features in their vehicles, but they also lament the injuries caused by their safety equipment. Injuries from the airbag deployment should be factored into the personal injury case and be assessed when recovering financially, personally and physically following a crash.