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Dangers of rural roads in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Personal Injury

Rural roads in Mississippi have fewer travelers than main roads, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems on them. Rural roads also have their fair share of accident-causing obstructions, and some situations can even make rural roads more hazardous than highways and expressways.

Obstructions and hazards

Highways and expressways often have a center barrier to help reduce head-on collisions. Thanks to these barriers, fewer personal injury claims involve head-on collisions. Rural roads, though, often lack this safety feature, with lanes being directly next to one another despite traffic flowing in opposite directions.

In rural areas, roads tend to be less maintained, too. From deep potholes to patches of mud and even gas spills, many disruptions to roadway conditions can lead to accidents.

Moving obstacles

Acts of nature and timeworn roadblocks aren’t the only issues you might face on rural roads. Hazards can crop up suddenly on any roadway, but animals tend to stay out of the way in major metropolitan cities. In contrast, though, rural areas often feature farmland or open landscapes, meaning that farm animals and wild animals are more likely to disrupt traffic. Farm equipment, tractors and trucks can also present unexpected hazards.

Drivers on rural roads often pay less attention to their surroundings. When driving on congested streets, drivers are usually on high alert, but slower roadways often lull drivers into a sense of false security. Since they’re less traveled, too, accidents on rural roads can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. There are generally fewer houses and less traffic on rural roads. And after dark, residents are less likely to use rural roads. This means a car that’s crashed on the road might sit there for hours before anyone is aware of the situation.

Safety on rural roads

Driving on rural roads is often fun and relaxing, but some hazards make these roads dangerous. Being alert and driving safely is important – even on rural roads.