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Prescription drug addictions

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Prescription drug abuse continues to be a problem in Mississippi and other states. Many people who abuse prescription drugs did not start because they wanted a recreational high. Rather, the use commenced with taking drugs to deal with pain and other medical issues. Addictions to painkillers and other pharmaceutical substances may lead to illegal behavior when users seek illicit means to acquire drugs because of their addictions.

Prescription drug abuse

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reveals that 12% of Americans who abuse prescription pills become addicted. While many people have legitimate medical reasons for using stimulants, painkillers, sedatives, and other legal drugs, many procure them for recreational purposes. Young persons who lack impulse control or mature judgment could find themselves trying prescription drugs and becoming addicted.

Ultimately, anyone who abuses prescription drugs may find themselves dealing with the consequences. Besides the harmful effect the drugs could have on someone’s health, there might be legal consequences.

Criminal charges

Anyone arrested for possession of prescription drugs could face felony charges. Although someone may suffer from an addiction, the law still applies. Some may possess quantities that lead to intent to distribute charges, although a successful criminal defense may refute the claims.

The accused may challenge the charges in numerous ways based on the particulars. Presenting a legitimate prescription could invalidate illegal possession charges. Others may prove they did not know about any drugs found at their residence or vehicle. Questionable searches performed without probable cause or a warrant might result in the evidence being suppressed.

Others might intend to plea bargain to lesser charges or ask for leniency at sentencing. The amount of drugs may factor into how the court approaches such deals.