Legal Accidents & Violations in South Mississippi

Let us help you seek compensation for your injuries due to negligence. Our expert legal team will help you seek compensation for the following injuries. Our legal team has extensive knowledge of all local and state laws, thorough research of the details that are relevant to your case, and we will gather and investigate evidence for your particular case.

Offshore Accidents

  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Arm and shoulder injuries
  • Broken bones and amputations
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Drowning
  • Repetitive stress

Hunting & Fishing Violations

Perhaps you need legal representation for a hunting or fishing violation charge. You may be facing the following:
  • Serious Legal Consequences
  • Arrest
  • Jail Time
  • Hefty Fines
Call T. Michael Reed, P.A. today. We will provide expert legal advice and will be standing behind you every step of the way.
Accident - Personal Injury in Hattiesburg, MS