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How a DUI charge can change your life

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Driving drunk is never a good decision. When you climb behind the wheel while intoxicated, you jeopardize your own health and the health of everyone else on the Mississippi’s roadways. However, there are several negative consequences of driving under the influence that those convicted must deal with for years after their charge.

Problems with employment

Most employers run background checks before hiring someone. Unfortunately, a DUI charge not only shows up as a criminal charge, but it also reflects on an individual’s decision-making ability. Additionally, you likely won’t be able to get a job that requires you to drive a vehicle in any capacity.

Car insurance rates

Car insurance rates go up after a conviction for driving under the influence. There aren’t any exceptions to that rule. While your insurance company may not increase your premiums as soon as you’re charged with a DUI, they will do so when it’s time for your policy renewal.

Based on national averages, insurance rates go up by 80% following a DUI conviction. These rate increases make it impossible for some people to maintain vehicle insurance going forward.

Impact on personal relationships

Being charged with a DUI can also negatively impact your personal relationships. In the months immediately following the charge, you will probably have your driver’s license suspended. This leaves you reliant on others to drive you around.

If you can’t afford auto insurance after your DUI charge, you can’t legally be on the roads. This makes it difficult to spend time with others, date or take part in most social activities.

Civil penalties

If someone suffers an injury because of your decision to drive while impaired, they can bring civil charges against you. The financial impact of losing a civil case can create financial issues for years to come.

Not only is driving while impaired illegal, but it’s also simply not a good idea. Before getting behind the wheel while under the influence, stop and consider the ramifications.