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DUIs and insurance premium increases

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drunk drivers not only violate the law by getting behind the wheel but also put other Mississippi road users in danger. When someone operates a vehicle while under the influence, they risk losing control of the car, being unable to stop in time or passing out. If these drivers cause an accident, they may rely on their auto insurance policy to cover civil claims. Not only would insurance premiums increase after someone files a claim, but a driver’s premiums could increase even after a DUI conviction where no one suffered harm.

DUI arrests and auto insurance

When an insurance company sells someone a policy, they accept the risks associated with a particular customer. That’s why insurance companies review the person’s driving record. Insurance premiums will increase if someone gets pulled over, arrested, charged, and convicted of driving under the influence.

NerdWallet’s 2021 rate analysis shows that drivers with one DUI incident pay an average of $3,114 annually for auto insurance. It is common for auto insurance rates to increase by 96% after one DUI. After all, the presumed risk associated with insuring the driver increases. People who drive while intoxicated could cause a catastrophic accident.

Dealing with DUI troubles

When facing auto insurance premium increases, seeking quotes from different insurance providers seems wise. The driver could find a better rate and save money. Avoiding a DUI conviction might prevent a driver from suffering insurance increases and court-issued penalties.

Although a driver faces DUI charges, proving the charges have no merit may be possible. For example, someone who suffers a false positive on the breath or blood test could seek to dismiss the charges. Other issues with the arrest, such as an improperly performed field sobriety test, might undermine the charges.