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Four factors increasing the severity of motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many drivers are traveling throughout Mississippi, home to almost 3 million people. Most of these people understand that driving an automobile comes with inherent risks. However, according to CCC Intelligent Solutions’ latest report, drivers have a few new dangers to watch out for.

Heavier motor vehicles

Automobile manufacturers never intended to make extremely light vehicles. However, one reason for an uptick in the severity of auto claims is due to heavier vehicles on roadways. During 2022, over 80% of people buying new automobiles purchased light trucks. Don’t let the name of these vehicles fool you – they’re anything but light. And heavier automobiles often cause more severe accidents.

Increasing amounts of traffic

Many companies are now calling their employees back into the office or having them work hybrid schedules. As this continues, it can create more drivers getting out of their homes and on the road. The number of drivers on roadways throughout the United States now exceeds pre-pandemic levels, especially in urban areas.

Older average drivers

Another factor increasing the severity of motor vehicle accidents is the average age of drivers in the U.S., which is now 38.8 years old, up from 35.4 in 2000. The problem with this situation isn’t that older drivers are more injury-prone than younger ones. Due to their increased likelihood of having pre-existing conditions, older drivers take more time for medical professionals to treat them fully.

More complex vehicles

Each decade brings innovations for automobile manufacturers to place in their vehicles. Unfortunately, many innovations have also made newer vehicles more complicated to repair. There’s also currently a labor shortage affecting the automotive repair industry, which makes matters worse for drivers. This situation can lead to drivers avoiding bringing in their vehicles for much-needed repair work.

You can help avoid these new driving-related dangers in a few ways. Always avoid any distractions, such as smartphones, while you’re driving. Also, give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination and give other drivers plenty of space.