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What can you do to increase your chances of surviving a crash?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

Most drivers in Mississippi and around the country are responsible and safe, but anything can happen. Even those who take extra precautions can end up in an unexpected situation that leads to a car accident. These are some tips to increase your chances of surviving a crash.

Wear your seatbelt

Many people who suffer serious injuries or die in car accidents fail to wear seatbelts. Using yours and being secured in your seat might not always prevent an injury but can help prevent death. If you’re using your seatbelt, you won’t be ejected from the vehicle upon the impact of a collision.

Drive defensively

Defensive driving can save lives and prevent accidents. This doesn’t mean driving with fear; instead, having your guard up every moment in anticipation of a potential situation could help you be ready in the event of a car accident. Defensive driving involves being alert at all times, watching for other drivers who appear problematic and knowing how to react to stay safe.

In dangerous road situations, ease your foot off the accelerator instead of hitting the brakes. Steer into the safest thing available if you lose control and are about to crash.

Store projectiles

Anything you have in your vehicle that could go flying during a crash should be safely stored away. Small objects can be placed in the glove compartment while larger things can be stored in the trunk. If you need your smartphone nearby, place it in a secured phone holder so it can’t fly around and hit you in the event of an accident.

Keep a survival kit

A survival kit should consist of a first aid kit and tools specifically used if a car accident occurs. If you become injured, some of the first aid equipment could help. Meanwhile, auto safety tools are useful for breaking car windows and cutting seatbelts.

Using your wits could help save your life if you’re involved in a car accident.