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The tragedy of dunk driving crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Decades of awareness campaigns played a role in discouraging many people from drinking and driving. Still, numerous people continue to get behind the wheel while under the influence despite the dangers, resulting in several arrests and accidents in Mississippi each year. Such drivers might find themselves in civil and criminal courts. Those who suffer harm due to a drunk driver’s negligence may take legal action to recover their losses.

The horrific consequences of drunk driving

Not all drunk driving incidents end with the police pulling a suspect over and making an arrest. Many intoxicated drivers continue on their way until they cause a collision. Each day in the United States, drunk driving accidents take the lives of 28 people. Per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol stands as the top reason for fatal traffic accidents.

Awareness campaigns and harsh laws likely lead many intoxicated people to avoid driving. However, as the statistics show, the problem persists with grave consequences.

Civil solutions after a drunk driving crash

Drunk driving reflects negligence since an intoxicated driver cannot operate a vehicle safely. Alcohol or drugs could cloud the driver’s perceptions, make reaction time slower and cause other issues. If the driver hits another vehicle or a pedestrian, causing harm, the victim might likely file a personal injury lawsuit.

Losses vary from accident to accident, as some collisions may lead to whiplash and damage to a car. Other accidents prove tragic when people lose their lives, leading to wrongful death lawsuits.

A lawsuit need not go to trial, as settling the case could be a preferable outcome. Often, auto liability insurance policies cover losses, as some drivers carry sufficient limits.