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Distracted driving remains a problem

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Little leeway exists when a driver’s concentration suffers. A slight distraction could lead a driver to go through a red light and hit another vehicle. Thankfully, many Mississippi motorists keep their concentration on the road. Not everyone does so, as a study reveals. In fact, an overwhelming number of drivers admit to using their smartphones while operating a motor vehicle.

The unwise choice to use a smartphone

People use smartphones for more than talking and texting, although an impatient desire to talk and text while behind the wheel leads to many accidents. Even those who won’t communicate with a smartphone may engage apps while driving. Although a hands-free infotainment system seemingly makes using a smartphone safer, concentrating on the phone’s apps takes the mind away from the road.

The sheer number of people using their phones while driving is alarming. A study performed by State Farm reveals that 90% of drivers understand reading emails while driving is dangerous, but one-third of those drivers do so anyway.

Again, even slight distractions may lapse concentration enough to cause a collision. Checking a GPS or looking at a weather report on a display screen might prove regrettable and could even cost someone their life.

Accidents and distracted driving

A personal injury lawsuit may result after a distracted driving incident. A lawsuit or insurance claim might seek compensation for injuries, property damage, or, tragically, for someone’s wrongful death. Not seeing a bicyclist or pedestrian due to willful distractions may result in a possibly avoidable catastrophic disaster.

Injuries come with financial costs, and an insurance settlement could cover some or all losses. A lawsuit may be unavoidable when seeking significant damages, as may be the case with catastrophic injuries or fatalities.