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Offshore oil rig work comes with many risks

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Working on an offshore oil rig could provide many workers with an interesting and stable career. Many different professionals must come together to ensure a rig runs effectively and efficiently. One drawback to oil rig work would be the dangers inherent with the job, as many Mississippi oil industry professionals realize. However, some might not realize how dangerous the work becomes at times.

Deadly hazards and oil rig work

Oil rig duties put many people potentially in harm’s way. The nature of the job comes with a hanging cloud of fear over explosions and fires. Such incidents have happened in the past, costing people their lives.

There are many safety steps an oil rig’s management could take to cut down on explosions and other tragedies. And yes, such incidents are often rare, but they do occur. Human error could lead to such disasters, as was the case with the Piper Alpha platform in 1988. Despite warnings to leave it off, a condensate-injection pump was turned on and caused a gas explosion. Such negligence might open doors for injury and wrongful death litigation.

The elements create dangers and risks

An oil platform’s location makes it an inherently dangerous environment. No one can control the ocean, and rough seas could make life difficult and challenging for workers. Heavy rains might also contribute to offshore accidents.

Not every mishap leads to fatal results, but even a seemingly minor injury may create troubles for someone relying on a weekly paycheck. Being out of work could cause financial harm and stress. Some may file a workers’ compensation claim to recover losses, while others could pursue a personal injury suit. Families may find litigation is the only way to procure the financial support lost after a provider passes.