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Furniture tip-overs: a serious home hazard

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

One of the most common hazards in a home in Mississippi is furniture tip-overs. The following tips can help you prevent that from happening.

The dangers of furniture tip-overs

Furniture tip-overs are one of the most common household accidents: Every hour, a child receives emergency treatment following an accident associated with a furniture tip-over. According to a Consumer Report survey, as many as two-thirds of American residents don’t anchor their household furniture.

Like most people, you might believe that you don’t need to anchor your furniture because you have never experienced a personal injury related to furniture. However, even if you are careful about where you place a dresser or table and how you position it in the room, a child or pet can cause a big problem with just one move. Also, consider that people who visit may become distracted while you are talking to them, and you don’t realize they’ve moved your furniture.

What you can do

To prevent tragic accidents and personal injury, you need to use safety straps or other anchoring devices that keep the unit from tipping over in many situations, such as when a child pulls on it or you accidentally bump into it while vacuuming. In addition to anchoring your furniture, you need to be aware of where you place them in your home.

If you’re purchasing new furniture, you could consider a safer alternative to traditional design. For example, you could buy pieces made with the plywood or particleboard back instead of glass shelves and cabinets that can easily shatter if they fall over.

Experiencing a furniture tip-over in your home is a situation you never want to happen. Fortunately, it’s inexpensive to prevent this by anchoring your furniture using safety straps or other devices that help keep them from tipping over.