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A lot of accidents are caused by truck debris each year

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Personal Injury

Large trucks pose a danger to many Mississippi motorists; even debris from surrounding trucks could cause a serious accident. This often happens when an entire tire or pieces of it come off of a truck. Here’s more about the dangers of debris and why these accidents happen.

The dangers of truck debris on the roadways

Even small truck debris can cause deadly car accidents. When something like a piece of a tire hits the roadway, it can do a lot of damage to a car that is traveling at a high rate of speed. Pedestrians can be hit by the debris and seriously injured as well. Unfortunately, there generally isn’t anything that a driver or pedestrian can do in order to avoid a collision because it happens so suddenly.

Reasons why truck debris may fall off of the vehicle

There are numerous reasons why truck debris may fall off of a moving vehicle. This can include parts that are worn, improper installation or defects in the part or tire itself. In order to determine the cause, the truck will need to be thoroughly inspected. There also should be an investigation as to the events that took place prior to the accident, such as whether the truck driver was driving erratically. Maintenance records of the truck may also need to be reviewed.

Accidents involving truck debris happen quite often. If you were injured because some sort of debris fell off of a truck, you do have some options. You may be able to seek legal compensation from the truck driver or the company that they work for in order to cover your injuries, property damage and other losses.