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Is distracted driving making roads less safe?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Distracted drivers don’t always pay close attention, so driving around Mississippi could lead to many near-misses. Statistics show that not every distracted driving instance leads to a miss, however, as accidents happen and some may prove fatal. While distracted driving remains both dangerous and negligent, the prevalence might be increasing. For one reason, technology helps deliver more distractions. Bad habits may be another reason for the recent increase in distracted driving.

Concerns about distracted driving becomes more widespread

An artificial intelligence company funded a study and discovered that many people believe driving has become less safe and continues to become even less safe. An overwhelming number of people feel that distracted driving ranks as a danger on the road.

Distracted driving refers to diverting attention away from the road and safe driving practices. A driver need not take attention away from the road for long to become distracted. Sometimes, even a short diversion could be enough. Not noticing a crosswalk and a pedestrian until the last minute might lead to a disaster.

Causes for distracted driving

Newer vehicles come with advanced technology that supports connectivity. That means drivers could connect a smartphone and access functions on a touchscreen. Many distracted driving incidents involve people engaging with social media apps while driving. Phone calls, texts and other apps could create similar problems. Hands-free capabilities might not deliver as much risk reduction as some assume.

Drinking liquids while driving is one of the most common bad habits. With one hand on a coffee cup and attention directed to the drink, a driver could increase an accident’s chances. The resultant accident might cause property damage, injuries and even fatalities.

When car accidents are caused by distracted driving, the affected drivers, passengers and pedestrians could take legal action. An attorney may help an accident victim prove negligence on behalf of the distracted driver.