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You don't have to accept consequences that come with an armed robbery charge

The defense team at T. Michael Reed, P.A. is fully prepared to help you face trial for an armed robbery. If you are facing conviction, there are stiff penalties involved, including being sentenced to prison. Don't go into trial unprepared, trust our team.

For the past 18 years, T. Michael Reed, P.A. has represented clients involved in violent crimes, including armed robbery. With our aggressive representation, we will:
  • Gather needed evidence
  • Hire a private investigator if needed
  • Thoroughly investigate and take statements of the details of the crime
  • You can trust our team will be putting in the man hours it takes to properly fight for you in court.
Arrested - Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

Bring our experienced legal team to court

Almost all violent crimes end up in trial. If you or someone you know has been charged, call us immediately for a FREE initial consultation.